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Laurent Lamothe’s new company: LSL World Initiative

LSL World Initiative (“LSLWI”) is a leading global organization dedicated to the socio-economic empowerment of emerging countries. As a private social impact enterprise, LSLWI provides solutions to support governments in implementing their own funding mechanisms to achieve economic self-sufficiency and spur sustainable development.

Laurent Lamothe founded LSL World Initiative this year, 2015.

Laurent Lamothe is a former Prime Minister of Haiti. During his tenure as Prime Minister, he fostered a surge in direct foreign investment, tackled corruption, improved security and stability by expanding the police force by 30 percent, and implemented social programs that the World Bank study estimated raised 2 million Haitians out of extreme poverty. The 2010 earthquake that hit Haiti destroyed 1.5 million homes, Mr. Lamothe was able to reduce that number down to 85,000.

He spearheaded a free education program, which added a $1.50 surcharge to wire transfers, and generated $1 million in funding for education each month. Elementary school attendance rose from 55 to 90 percent as a result, transforming the lives of 1.4 million children.

He is now replicating this successful model on a global scale with his new company, LSL World Initiative. LSLWI has provided our partners’ capacity-building programs that have led to major improvements in the collection and management of data, reporting, accountability and usage of technology to closely monitor communities and stimulate positive change around the world. The company is currently working with the government of Rwanda to deliver programs designed to effect long-term positive change and increase the quality of life for its citizens.

LSLWI is committed to providing emerging and developing countries with innovative financing mechanisms based on the nation’s own resources that will enable them to reach their development goals while reducing reliance on foreign aid. The company ensures the timely mobilization and coordination of all human, material and financial resources required for any specific national program providing measurable impact. LSLWI works with multilateral institutions in developing countries to find the perfect match between their solutions and funding projects for development.

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