Saturday, August 13th, 2022

Perpetuate the Heritage of Chavez

It is a sad day for me, but I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about this great man that has just left us, Hugo Chavez. What comes to mind spontaneously is the word respect. Chavez had a deep sense of respect. Respect for the people, respect for the less fortunate, respect for our country, respect for all the oppressed around the world. He had a very special relation with the people, whether it be his or the one of other countries.

I remember him portraying the Haitians as an « angelic people. He had great compassion for us and he was especially fond of our country, which he knew the history in its finest details. He never missed an occasion to mention Alexandre Pétion and the help the latter gave to Simón Bolivar during the Los Cayos expedition in 1816. He was very grateful of what Haiti did for his country. In this sad day, it is my turn to express my solidarity with Venezuela. The world has lost a great leader. He is gone physically, but he will stay with us in our soul, our spirit and in our prayers.

And for his heritage to perpetuate, I think we need to pursue the work he has begun, the fight for human dignity, the fight for national sovereignty, and most of all, I believe we can be inspired by the profound respect he had for the oppressed. It is with a hurting mix of grief and admiration that I say farewell to a great friend of Haiti…