Tuesday, November 19th, 2019

It is a New Day in Haiti.

Haiti is not lacking in challenges. Yet, despite our many challenges, Haiti’s renewal and the progress our country is making after political crises and devastating natural disasters is a hopeful story. The Martelly Administration is committed to building that story and improving the lives of the people of Haiti. We are committed to holding free and fair elections and to strengthening the rule of law. We already have instituted all Supreme Court Judges and the Superior Council of the Judiciary – a first for any Administration under our 1987 Constitution – and will hold parliamentary and local elections later this year. We committed to moving families still living in difficult conditions in camps across the capital into safer homes. Roughly one million people, ten percent of Haiti’s population, have moved out of camps since the peak right after the earthquake. We committed to creating thousands of new and better jobs for the people of Haiti so charity, assistance and remittances are no longer the primary economic drivers for so many in Haiti. And, we committed to ensuring more children attended school – paying the tuition of 850,000 primary school students – and engaging in one of the most ambitious enrollment efforts in Haiti’s modern history resulting in 142,000 new students attending school this past year. We also are committed to making Haiti a place that’s attractive to foreign and local investors and are on a path to that future, including the establishment of an industrial park in the North of Haiti that will bring more than 20,000 jobs to Haiti. With an unemployment rate of 52 percent, this park represents a unique opportunity to create much needed jobs that Haiti needs to break the cycle of extreme poverty.

Despite our progress, we recognize that the story of failure, corruption, poverty and struggle that for decades have dominated the narratives about Haiti continues to do so today. In other countries, including in the U.S., a half-a billion dollar regional investment program that for the first time gives Haiti’s North, one of our poorest regions, opportunities for its people and taps into the competitive advantages Haiti holds in manufacturing, agriculture and tourism, would be celebrated for its ambition, innovation and execution. The Haitian Government is leading the investments that bring a new port, an upgraded international airport, one of the largest modern industrial parks in the region, productivity improvements for farmers, environmental conservation, new health clinics, vocational training centers, schools and a new university, electricity for thousands of households and businesses and 5,000 hurricane and earthquake resistant homes to the North to jump-start economic development. And, our government is doing this in collaboration with key partners such as the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the U.S. Government, which have coordinated their efforts with each other, Haiti’s Government and its people in unprecedented ways.

Haiti is not other countries, however. Our flagship investment program in the North has been criticized and our Government has been cast in some narratives as in a spectator role to fit outdated notions that are deeply ingrained in the media and public conscience. Ambitious projects, whether they are in New York, London, Berlin or Sao Paulo, are rarely free of challenges, tensions and complex trade-offs. In Haiti, we hired the American Institute of Architects as planners to work through social and environmental issues, resolve obstacles, offer solutions and engage in constructive ways to improve project outcomes for the community. And our government will continue to play its essential leadership role in the development of the North.

Haiti needs ambition. We need to raise expectations. We need a new way of doing business with the private sector, just as we need new models of engaging with our international partners who provide foreign assistance. Without new paths, Haiti will be relegated to relying on small-scale, low-impact, low-visibility efforts of the past – which has meant billions of dollars invested by the international community that has yielded limited results.

I just returned from the North, where I met with community leaders, businesses, teachers, municipal officials and farmers. There was a level of excitement and optimism that for too long has been absent in Haiti. New construction is visible in places along the main highway spanning from Cap Haitian to Ouanaminthe at the border to the Dominican Republic. Trucks moving earth and yellow school busses transporting construction workers from their home towns to work are now a familiar sight. Haitians are working to rebuild their lives and their economy. We are eager to break with a cycle of disaster, struggle and dependency. The developments underway throughout the North will provide Haitians with the fundamentals to compete internationally and unleash the entrepreneurship, creativity and resilience that defines us as a nation.

We invite the international community to join us in building a new vision for our country – and to participate in shaping this new narrative as it unfolds in Haiti today.


Latest comments

  • Under the Lamothe government, procedures and systems were put in place to decrease insecurity. The national police was reinforced. The borders were surveilled with a crackdown on contraband. In addition, procedures and systems were put in place to increase efficiency in government offices with more accountability.

  • Good Job! comments like yours coming from the Prime Minister of Haiti mean a lot. Keep doing what you are doing, continue informing the public about Haiti’s progress is a good way to help change Haiti’s image in a positive fashion.

  • Faisant suite a ma premiere lettre,je peux partager mon Idee qui est un projet national ,un produit rentable ,benefique pour tous les Haitiens.Donnons au Monde The “Slave Age Park” Notre Premier Vrai “Parc A Theme”Le Parc Temps D’esclavage” Ou Haiti Transporte les Visiteurs en plein XIV EME -XVIII EME Siecle avec Zone Des Tainos ,Espagnoles , Francais et Esclaves. Donnons leurs un vrai Marche D’esclaves ,Une Maison Du Souvenir et la reanimation de La Bataille de Vertiere pour Finir la piece de resistance “Le Musical” L’Arbre de La Liberte Sous Le theme Notre Patrimoine en Action donnons au monde le Parc “Temps D’esclavage”/Slave Age Park” alors Monde ,Venez decouvrir le merveilleux ,de l’Imaginierie car Haiti accueil et enchante.

  • De La Diaspora, Un entrepreneur, Un Ami d’enfance de son Excellence Mr. Notre President M. Martelly Qui veut contribuer à faire venir en Haiti Un Touriste De Masse et Durable (Qui a une proposition pour Notre Gouvernement) Mr. Son Excellence le Premier Ministre L. Lamothe je juge que notre Histoire liée avec la culture est une source sure très rentable pour industrie touristique et bénéfique pour nous tous, Veuillez svp considéré un entrevue car: “Haiti accueil et Enchante quand le Patrimoine est en Action”. Je donnerai à nos milliards de visiteurs par an: le merveilleux de l’Imaginierie une Experience Hors du Commun.

    Mr. Mon Ministre, Aidez-Moi à aider Haiti.
    Fraternellement Votre,
    Kesler C Charles /Citoyen/Entrepreneur
    Haiti 509-47850559 -US 404-396-3570..merci

  • I like what the Martelly administration has done. They have showed a prime example of how Haiti can prove themselves. They make Haiti look like a unified nation, for the first time. While producing jobs, you must also consider preserving Haiti’s rich and beautiful Historical sites. I’ve heard of reports stating otherwise, specially in the North where columbus (bloody murderer lol), first planted his foot. We must also make sure these companies don’t take advantage of the people, we can’t run sweatshops, specially in Haiti’s extremely Hot weather. We can’t away their land without having a designated job for each of them. I have better job ideas but hey who would listen to me.

  • Well done sir. I am very exited the way that you responded to the New York times. It’s time for our leaders to understand that, those people ; they don’t want any good for our country. They only one thing they want and their very good at it, is bashing our country by saying is the poorest and ditiest in the world. It’s time to let them that, we are independent and we do business with whoever we want too. We don’t wanna beg anymore. We wanna face our destiny, we wanna be able to provide for our children and family. Let’s tell them thanks and no thanks for their precious advises and the can shove them where they belong. Thank you sir, once again well done.

  • Well done sir, well done. I am so excited the way you answered them. It’s time for our leaders to stand up and be more patriotes for their country. Those people the don’t wants any good for us, the only thing they are good at is to bash our country by saying is the poorest or the dirtiest in the world. We are independent , we do business with who we want so be it. Thank Mr. The Prime Minister for making the Haitian dream a reality. Thanks

  • Franchman Pm mwen pa dako ak kantite kob sa nou pran nal gaspiye nan kanaval la. sonje nou gen yon pep sou kesyon grangou li an rouj, li a leta kritik. fe atansyon ak kob nap depanse yo mezanmi.

  • Mr Lamothe next president for Haiti. Period

  • We love this government and appreciate this opportunity to interact through social networks. You have our support in creating strong accountable institutions that will provide stability for the people of Haiti. We need auditing processes to promote transparency in the country’s institutions as well as governance processes that inspire confidence and ensure the country’s smooth transition to successive governments.
    Tet kale,
    Leobrun Jean Baptiste

  • I respond to the invite to join in building a new vision for our country . It’s a lo visiong rocky road with deep slopes but the ambition and the visions are there. Changing our image,climbing the global socio-economic ladder. I am in the hospitality industry, a clean slate yet to be explored. Miot Jacquet .

  • I am glad that your administration is making its mark on a country that has been devastated by both natural disasters & mankind greed, and also deep political corruption for so long. Hopefully, the cycle of greed has ended with civilized unorthodox young fresh & bright new blood of politicians. In order for our country to succeed educating the masses throughout the four corners of Haiti must be made your top priority. Yes, manufacturing in the North is all well & good. However, building more Universities for the next generation is the way to the future. A civilized nation, an educated nation would alleviate the Country from its supesticious mind set.
    I celebrate your progress, keep up the excellent work. God trusted you that’s why He has ellevated you to served in His behalf. Be blessed!

  • I truly like what I just read. Keep it up. Make us proud

  • I was in Haiti in April, My only concern was security, safety. The government need to stablish and ensure that every one is safe at all time.Stop government employees from taking monnies from people for services that was already paid for.Your office need to investigate Tribunal Parker,clients can’t have their court papers one year after winnig a case.The droyen is too slow.

  • With these Ambitious projects Haiti can only go forward. I salute the effort of the Martelly administration. Keep up the good Job.

  • Léogâne deserves more than a visionary; we need a young, energetic and open-minded leader who understands the complexity and speed of change in today’s inter-connectivity environment. As Mayor, I will spearhead the collaboration, cooperation and partnership with key institutions, organizations, businesses and elected leaders throughout the country — to maximize opportunities, leverage the region’s assets and promote Léogâne at a national and international level.

    I would like to announce to you that I will be running for Mayor of Léogâne. I’ve decided to run for office because I am determined to transform Léogâne into a thriving city. Léogâne already has a rich tradition as a hard-working waterfront and agricultural community. It is advantageously located amid two of Haiti’s most influential cities; Jacmel and Port-au-Prince. Its proximity to the international airport and the harbors of Haiti makes it an excellent location for businesses. I am fully aware of the commercial potentials that Léogâne possesses. I will adopt an aggressive business policy that will turn Léogâne into the best place to invest in Haiti. As you know, I have been actively involved in the community of Léogâne for many years. I have long worked for positive change in my town. I have made friends with people that I consider to be living legends; some of them are still here, most, sadly gone.

    Today, my beloved city of Léogâne is in great peril. We have become stale and unproductive. We can and we must evolve beyond our limits, if we are going to flourish as a community. Léogâne needs an injection of fresh faces, innovators, open-minded people who can grow this community as it should. We need new people to undertake positions traditionally held by a small clique. We need to end the status quo – politics as usual and the laissez-faire attitudes. We need the enthusiasm of the youth and the wisdom of the experienced. I believe that I hold and honor both qualities and much more. There is a great opportunity in the upcoming elections for us to band together, to restore effective governance in Léogâne.

    I am a leader who understands that cooperation is the thorough conviction that nobody can get there, unless everybody gets there. Thus, we cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community. Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and for our own. I strongly believe that the prosperity of our commercial businesses; the growth of our local artisan community; the quality of life for our residents, protecting our environment and managing our resources are fundamental to our success. I also believe that our community has an extraordinary mixture of knowledge and talents. Léogâne is abundant with genuine people who have the willingness to volunteer their time and services for the betterment of the region.

    As Mayor, I will implicate the use of our community members with specialized skills and knowledge to provide the Municipality with guidance on the complicated issues that are facing us in these difficult times. You can always come to me. I will listen because I firmly believe that the closer the decision-making is to those affected, the better the outcome. I am fully prepared to lead, and the hallmarks of my leadership will be teamwork, transparency and prosperity. So, join us in the upcoming elections together we can make a world of difference. It’s not only a matter of can or cannot, it’s a matter of will or will not. Everything is a choice, choose wisely my friends.