Thursday, November 21st, 2019
Laurent Lamothe headshot


Known as Haiti’s most successful and longest-serving Prime Minister , Laurent Lamothe is a visionary leader driven by a deep sense of global social responsibility. He is a thought leader in health, education, sustainable development and emerging markets. Lamothe’s approach is pragmatic, creative and far-sighted.

As the former Prime Minister of Haiti, Lamothe co-chaired the Presidential Advisory Council for Economic Development and Investment together with former US President Bill Clinton, in the wake of the devastating earthquake in Haiti in 2010. He was largely responsible for the reconstruction of the country and was instrumental in relocating approximately 1.6 million people from the resulting tent camps, as well as removing 97% of the rubble that the earthquake caused. Four years after the earthquake, kidnappings had decreased by 55%; public investments had increased by 8%. There were almost 200 projects dedicated to the rebuilding of Haitian communities. Under Lamothe’s tenure the Word Bank recorded an unprecedented 5% drop in poverty (from 31% to 26%).

In 2016 devastation hit Haiti again in the form of Hurricane Matthew. Lamothe immediately mobilized his team and began rebuilding communities in Haiti through the Dr Louis G. Lamothe Foundation, which he started in memory of his late father. Lamothe’s vision for the Foundation is far-reaching and aims to improve fishing and agriculture in Anse du Clerc, so that the community is able to make sustainable incomes. He has rebuilt a school in Nan Panyol and is working on many more projects.

Lamothe is also a successful entrepreneur who leverages his business and management expertise to develop critical infrastructure in emerging nations. He co-founded the company Global Voice Group at the age of 26. In July 2015, Lamothe created LSL World Initiative, a private enterprise providing governments with solutions that assist them in implementing funding mechanisms to enable them to deliver sustainable development programs, in line with their needs and priorities.

As member of several international organizations, such as the Global Blockchain Business Council, Lamothe has facilitated numerous international panels and spoken on the theme of new ICTs as tools for development at the World Economic Forum, the Transform Africa Summit and the Crans Montana Forum, among other conferences.

As the father of two daughters, Lamothe has also been a staunch defender of the universal access to education during his political career in Haiti. The son of a scholar, his curiosity and open-mindedness have led him to take an interest in several domains, and to master several languages, including English, French, Spanish and, of course, Creole.

Thus, Haiti’s former Prime Minister, Laurent Lamothe, is one of the most dynamic entrepreneurs of his generation. Whether as Head of State, businessman or global citizen, he has always expressed a deep commitment to Haiti in particular, and to the socio-economic development of developing countries in general.




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